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Can you have the haircut you want?

We have all been there before, you pick out a picture, take it to your hairstylist, and they say “ok,” and you leave with your hair looking nothing like the picture you showed them.

While a high percentage of the time this can have to do with the stylist lacking the proper skills to give you that haircut, there are also other things that could be contributing to you not walking out with your dream haircut.

While it is difficult as a stylist to tell someone that the picture they picked out is not going to work for them(who wants to be the dream crusher…not me) that is exactly our job. During the consultation is when these things should be addressed and a plan should be made that works the best for your hair and your lifestyle. Here are few things that factor into whether or not a haircut is right for you.

Let’s start with the fact that every persons hair type and the way it grows is unique. Yay for that or life would be boring! Let’s use one of the most popular haircuts that has stood the test of time as an example. The Bob. There are various versions of a Bob haircut, but by far the most popular is a swing bob- aka stacked bob, a-line bob, basically any bob that is shorter in the back and longer in the front. It is one of the most difficult hair cuts to perfect as a stylist and by far the one we see improperly cut the most.

Why can the girl on Pinterest or Suzy at work have the perfectly rounded high stacked bob and you walk out of the salon feeling less than satisfied? Most likely it is because your hairline sits too low on your neck and your stylist isn’t experienced enough to explain this to you. Some people have a hairline that sits up high on their neck and enables a stylist to take the length of the bob up to where it needs to be to create that beautiful round head shape. Others have a low hairline that grows farther down on their neck that can make it a challenge to create that shape. It doesn’t mean it can’t happen it just means you haven’t met the right stylist to explain to you your options. Did you ever think something so simple as a neckline could make or break a haircut for you? That is why I used this one as an example.

So what are some other factors that play a role in you getting your dream cut.

The texture of your hair. If you have overly coarse, wiry texture hair and you bring a picture of a sleek bob you could leave the salon with a sleek bob. Fast forward two days later when you wash it and try and style it yourself and all off a sudden you look like you put your finger in a light socket. It’s not that the texture of your hair necessarily prohibits you from getting the haircut you want, but you and your stylist should take into account your lifestyle and how much time you can or are willing to put in everyday. If you get up at 5am to go to work do you really want to spend 30 minutes blow drying and curling/straightening your hair?

Maintenance is another thing to factor in. Haircuts that require more precision (bobs, pixie cuts, straight bangs) require you to be in the salon more often than say a long layered haircut.

Then of course there is face shape. As a disclaimer I think you should have whatever haircut you want and if you love it, that is all that matters. That being said, if you have strong feelings about the shape of your face or maybe you think your forehead is too big, you and your stylist should take those feelings into account when choosing a haircut.

Now after all that the one thing that you should remember from this is that it is important to find a stylist who asks the right questions, listens to your concerns, and helps you choose a haircut that is right for you. Your concerns should be met with ideas as to how the haircut you want could work for you or what could be changed to make it work for you.

As always, Inspire is here to help with any and all questions about your dream haircut!

-Sandi Ravenscraft

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